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Life is like a box of puzzle pieces. As we go through it, we search for individual parts in order to create the picture we can be happy with. Our financial planners will guide you to make the right decisions with your pieces so you can live life on your terms.

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Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than ordering a will kit online and having it sit under a stack of bills for several years, gathering dust.

An estate plan ensures that all measures are taken to protect your estate and provide for your family in the event of incapacitation or death. A thorough estate plan also ensures that ‘non-estate’ assets such as superannuation, life insurance, jointly owned assets and assets owned in a trust or companies are dealt with according to your wishes.

Naturally, it’s something people tend to put off, so we’re here to make the process as easy as possible

Lending Advice

Researching finance options from various financial institutions can be cumbersome and confusing. We remove the stress and time commitment that comes with financing and manage the process for you from end-to-end.

With access to 60 Lenders plus private money, let us do the heavy lifting for you.

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Direct Property Advice

As Australian’s, Real Estate is in our DNA.  It can be the right investment vehicle for the right person, when done correctly investing in property can provide portfolio diversification capital growth, a regular income stream and tax benefits.

Stripping the emotion out of the process and choosing the right property is where we come in.

Self-Managed Super

We assist our clients with an end-to-end solution, helping them establish a Self-Managed Superannuation Fund and take control of their retirement.

With access to a team with a wealth of experience, you can rest assured that the most suitable structure and strategy is put in place.

We also provide a full Accounting and Compliance service for SMSF’s and advice where required in relation to Audits.

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Risk Protection

They say life is like a parachute, if you don’t have it the first time you need it, you won’t be needing it again, this may be a little morbid, but it’s true people insure their cars, their contents, their pets. But a lot of people forget to insure the biggest income producing asset they have…themselves.


 Areas we can assist:

Wealth Creation

Maximising wealth for our clients across all asset classes.

A solid investment strategy is one that’s diversified, stable, consistent and unsurprising. Sound boring?  Good. It should be.

We will work with you to develop an investment strategy that gets you from point A to your end goal at point B using an investment vehicle that fits within your risk profile, investment preferences and comfort zone.

It’s not just our job to recommend the strategy, it’s our job to educate you on the reasoning behind that strategy so that you can move forward with the confidence that you are on track to meeting your goals.

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Budgeting and Cash Flow Management

A proactive budget really is the foundation of any good financial plan. After all, if you don’t know where your money is going, how can you be sure it’s going to the right places?

We provide our clients with the technology required to make budgeting easy and most importantly, quick. Because your time is better spent away from a computer screen.

​You can then leave it to us to formulate a strategy that ensures your cash-flow is being allocated to the areas that are important to achieving your goals, whatever they may be.

Budgeting doesn’t mean that you can’t take that overseas holiday you’ve been planning. It means being smarter with your money so that you can take that holiday and leave the guilt at home.

Responsible Entity

The duties of a Responsible Entity for a registered investment scheme are set out in the Corporations Act 2001, Section 601FC.

Any registered managed investment scheme in Australia must have a Responsible Entity.

A Responsible Entity must act honestly and in the best interest of the members of the investment scheme. A Responsible Entity must act as any reasonable person would, were they in the position of the Responsible Entity.

A Responsible Entity must treat all members who hold interests of the same class equally, and those who hold different classes must be treated fairly. The Responsible Entity must not make use of private information they encounter as part of their duties, either for their own advantage, or to the detriment of the members of the scheme.

A Responsible Entity must ensure their registered scheme has a constitution and compliance plan and both must meet the relevant legal and regulatory requirements.

Any property of the Responsible Entity must be kept separate from scheme property, which must be clearly identified as scheme property and regularly valued.

The Responsible Entity must report any breach of the Corporations Act which relates to their managed investment scheme, or which is likely to have a materially adverse impact on the members of the scheme to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

A duty of the Responsible Entity under the Corporations Act overrides any conflicting duties an officer or employee of the Responsible Entity has.

The Responsible Entity and its associates are not entitled to vote on a resolution of the schemes’ members if they have an interest in the resolution or matter, other than as a member. However, if the scheme is listed, the Responsible Entity is entitled to vote on resolutions to remove the Responsible Entity and choose a new one.

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Merchant Banking Services

In modern terms, a merchant bank is a firm or financial institute that invests, Equity Capital directly in business and often provided those business with an advisory service. A Merchant Bank offers the same services as an Investment Bank, however, it typically services smaller clients and makes direct equity investments in them

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