About CMG

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Proven Financial Pedigree

Entering our Seventeenth year, we have continually expanded the business and everything we do is based on our philosophy of taking the time to discover what really matters to our clients. 

The core service we offer our clients is ongoing financial advice, built around principles such as diversification, conservative gearing levels and (perhaps most importantly) regular communication between us and you.  Our advice is not focused on the latest scheme or the flavour of the month, but on time tested and thoroughly researched strategies tailor made to your specific and unique situation.

Highest Level Of Service

Our diverse skills, expertise and knowledge along with our flexible working culture are united in our focus on customer service and understanding what success means to our clients.  We take pride in the confidential and ethical services we offer our clients who know they can expect the highest quality from CMG and our worldwide networks to ensure their best outcome is achieved.

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We're In It For You

We understand that everyone is unique with their own dreams and visions, and so is our advice. Life is a journey with ups and downs, and we specialise in creatively and effectively solving your financial challenge and reaping the biggest rewards from your financial successes.

Rather than focusing on managing products we will: